Sad Saga Of Bradley Manning

We live in strange times when those in power feel proud of the death and destruction they inflict upon innocent people. Private Bradley Manning was a young soldier who felt overwhelmed with his life being cast in a war zone with masculine men around him while his body cried out to be a woman. He has a tender soul, he is a human lacking the ability to kill or hurt other human beings. Certainly, not the person to dispatch to a war zone. He released thousands of emails because his hope allowing the American people to know how their government was killing both evil and innocent people might result in rethinking American foreign policy in the Middle East. He revealed “secrets.” Yes, he revealed “secrets” which of course usually are not. Each day over a million “secrets” are locked up so that no one other than the million people who are allowed to see these secrets gaze at them. The entire process of what is or is not a “secret”makes no sense– I was once classified to read Top Secret NATO material. Frankly, I do not recall a “secret” that could not be read by everyone.

Manning has been found guilty of revealing these “secrets.” He stood before the judge and uttered words in a quiet voice. “I am sorry that my actions hurt people. I’m sorry that they hurt the United States of America.” I suspect he was the only one in the room who really loved the essence of what we term the United States of America!