Sad Stories From Afghanistan

As I recall, among the reasons that President Bush cited for invading Afghanistan was to protect the lives of  Afghan women. Mrs.Bush was greatly concerned about the abuse endured by this females who lived in homes in which men could beat and torture their own wives, and even kill them for not being “moral.” Twelve years later, Human Rights Watch reports the number of Afghan women who have been jailed or forced into abusive marriages continues to rise. About 600 women are in jail for the offense of fleeing an abusive marriage. Eighteen  months ago there were 400 in jail for this “crime.” A basic problem is refusal of the Afghan Parliament to pass legislation that would protect the rights of women in their country.

More than half of women in jail are there for a “moral crime.” This means they refuse to allow their husband to beat the hell out of them. Or, they were a woman whose husband charged that she “looked at a man” without his permission. Raped women in Afghanistan head for jail because they allowed themselves to be raped.

Just about all funding for homes to protect women who has fled abusive marriages come from overseas sources. American forces will depart from Afghanistan along with money to protect women. Yes, America did bring freedom to Afghanistan.