Sad Tale From Syria

Aman named Khaled escaped from Syria with a sad tale of the reality in his country. Khaled was a university student who entered the armed forces only to discover that any member of the Syrian army was compelled to kill dozens of innocent people. He overheard his commander talking with a spy who said many people would be in an auditorium. Khaled and fellow soldiers were ordered to the auditorium and began shooting unarmed people who simply we’re meeting for a pleasant evening together. “They were just kids, not hurting anyone.”

Originally, he hoped that other soldiers like himself who wanted peace in Syria could influence the process of conflict, but soon discovered anyone who sought peace was likely to get arrested. He fled to the Free Syria Army only to discover they also tortured prisoners. As she soon realized they hated Alawites who play an important role in supporting President Assad. “There is so much prejudice and hatred against the Alawites” in the Free Syria Army,

Fighting will continue, death will continue and hatred will continue.