SADC To Zimbabwe -Compromise Or Chaos!

The Southern African Community Development organization has been attempting for months to bring to fruition a compromise in the deadlocked situation of Zimbabwe. Petty tyrant President Robert Mugabe has refused to allow his rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, to have access to any power in the so-called “unity government” that was supposed to be created. Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change insist their party must control either the army or police because without such access to equal power, Mugabe’s thugs and henchmen will simply continue their war of terror against innocent people who dare to challenge one party rule in their nation.

Jacob Zuma, who will become the next president of South Africa, emphasized “the SADC must make Zimbabweans reach and agreement.” Thousands of refugees from Zimbabwe are currently in South Africa and can not return to their nation which has collapsed due to disastrous economic policies of Mugabe. South Africa and several other nations, for the first time, have come out against a man who fought for colonialism because Mugabe is an incompetent ruler.