Sadness Of Israel

Once upon a time Jewish people resided in  what is now known as Israel. Once upon a time Jewish people in the Middle East respected the rights of Palestinians and  worked to ensure they would have a homeland. That was then, now is now. Since the beginning of the year at least five Palestinians were murdered by Israel troops who fired live bullets. The rules of engagement in the Israel army is that live bullets are permitted only in extreme circumstances and only in a life threatening situation. Last week a fifteen year old Palestinian boy who was unarmed was shot to death. Another boy was shot in the face while walking ona  college campus.

A sixteen year old boy crossed a fence on his way home from  school exams and broke away and ran only to be shot in the back of his head. Israel troops charged  he was “attempting to infiltrate into Israel.” I assume the school books were a leathal weapon. Last month 17 year old Mohammed al-Salaymeh was killed while purchasing a cake to celebrate is birthday.

So, whatever happened to Jews in Israel??