Sadness Of Syria Suffocates Freedom

There are wars and there are wars in which the good guys are those opposing a government. For nearly a year, thousands of people in Syria have been fighting to establish the basis of some form of democratic society, but President Bashar al-Assad understands that democracy=end of his regime. Over 4,000 are dead as a result of his refusal to exit and each day there are new reports of civilians dying at the hands of the Syrian army. In the past week in Homs, Hama and Damascus at least 20 more died.

Latest reports indicate that deserters from the Syrian army are fighting against their former comrades in arms. At this point, there is scant likelihood of rebels achieving any form of success. They are few in number, they lack arms, and they lack contact with the world that would result in arms and assistance. For the present, tyranny reigns. The only question is:  how long?