Sail Monied Seas

The one certainty in life is the existence of corruption in the lives of humans. Several top American naval officers are currently under investigation for selling classified information to Asian businessmen. A man named Leonard Glenn Francis works for the Glennds Defense Maintenance company which provides supplies and facilities for ships in Asian seaports, particularly for visiting American naval vessels. Admiral Ted Branch and Admiral Bruce Loveless have been prevented to gain access to classified material. Naval Commander Michael Misiewicz is being charged and Commander Jose Luis Sanchez is also being charged for accepting money and prostitutes. The ever friendly Leonard Glenn Francis not only provided facilities but he also made available money, concert tickets, prostitutes and other as gifts in exchange for some private information.

OK, another scandal. OK, another story about prostitutes for information. OK, another group of top officials playing with their penis instead of playing with their heads. Just another human interest story in capitalist America, the nation that is close to God.