Salafists Seek Hate And Division

All too often those in Europe or the United States when discussing the Middle East blame “Muslims” as being responsible for specific problems. Of course, there is no such thing as “Muslims”since within any group of people divergent views are present. A few weeks ago, Tunisian opposition leader, Chokri Belaid, a Muslim,  was murdered by Salafist Muslims because he wanted to further creation of a more secular society within Tunisia. The murder threw Tunisia into a crisis as fundamentalist Muslims rejected suggestions by Prime Minister Jebali urged formation of a government that included all factions.

The new Prime Minister Ali Larayedh insists the Ennahda party should retain all power. The killers have been captured or shortly will be, but the crisis remains since secular Tunisians insist on a coalition government. Alas, fundamentalists reject this view despite the reality of failure of all Islamist governments to possess sufficient exprtise to run a modern government or economy.