Salary Cap For CEO?

Members of the Republican Party have been shouting for nearly four years about the so-called SOCIALIST ideas of Barack Obama. You know, the bail out of bankers, the loan to General Motors which prevented that company going bankrupt, these were the perfect example of Obama SOCIALIST ideas that seek to prevent the destruction of private corporations. Newly elected French President Francois Hollande is finally offering Republicans an example of a Socialist leader in Europe–all the rest of European leaders believe in capitalism–so we can all be assured that Obama will be compared to Hollande

President Hollande announced new pay rules for those who head Public Companies. The CEO will be restricted to a top income of 20 times that made by the lowest worker in his public company. The new law does not impact a CEO of a private company.

In America during the administrations of SOCIALIST presidents like Dwight Eisenhower or Harry Truman or John Kennedy or Richard Nixon the top tax rate was over 80% beyond a certain income.

We support a new law which limits CEO income!