Saleh Salutes Yemen And Departs

There are dictators who read the palm leaves of reality and there are dictators who actually believe the people of their country love them to pieces. After all, if all you have heard for thirty years are words of thanks for being alive, is it any wonder the thought that someone does not like you is shocking. After all, aren’t the malcontents of society in prison where they are being educated to understand the head man is the head man and that means bow your head when he speaks? Ali Abdullah Saleh has been the head man of Yemen for a few decades, and during that time has sent many an opponent to the dungeons of hell. However, during the past two months when he gazes out the window all he sees are people shouting for his head. Oh, his security folk shot a few, but for everyone killed up sprouted twelve angry men. Saleh finally got the message from Egypt. His buddy, Hosni Mubarak did not quite grasp it was time to go, and go meant get the hell out of the country before they won’t let you go. Now, Mubarak and his nice sweet sons are in prison and the likelihood of leaving that nice cell is rather doubtful. Saleh got the message and agreed to depart from power.

Of course, in Syria, Bashar al-Assad still believes shooting a few hundred people will quiet the masses. So, his security men fire away. We suspect, when all is said and done, Saleh has his head on straight because he headed straight for the exit–pronto!