Salute To 1,140 Who Died Today

Nearly 75 years ago millions of men and women were fighting in Europe and Asia as forces of totalitarianism confronted a combination of democracies allied with dictatorships who united to defeat Hitler and his Nazism. Today, 1,140 men died who had participated in World War II as members of the armed forces of this nation. I doubt if anyone under the age of 35 is aware they are dying, let alone having any knowledge of what these brave men did for this nation.

Those under 35 are against war, they are against “the government,” they are against “high taxes,” they are against “forcing”people to participate in national health programs. The top tax rate in WWII was 90% since President Roosevelt tried to avoid having wealthy folk become even wealthier due to the war. Today, we have in Congress men and women whose ideas are the antithesis of the American people during WWII. During that war, we fought as a united people and all recognized our responsibilities to nation and one another.

Today, young people spend their days and nights sharing information on what they wore or ate or send some cute picture. There is no engagement in serious discussions  concerning the future of this nation because so many lack a sense of community to the American nation.

I not only honor those who served and died today, but I honor all today who were  members of the American community during World War II. We proved that GOVERNMENT could organize a productive society and defeat enemies of democracy. We understood the importance of Government as a stimulating source of change and  production.

So, Ron Paul who writes on the Internet–a government invention, who drives on government built roads and bridges, who attended a government financed school, who will be cared for in a government financed hospital– we do not fear “the government”as much as we fear voices of hate and division.