Salvation Through Peace And Harmony Says Muslim Sect

Several Indonesian Muslim men get their hair dyed blonde before heading for the mosque and prayers. They believe altering hair color is in accordance with what the Prophet Muhammad did during his life. Members of the samll sect called An-Nadzir color their hair, live a basic life of farming and fishing, condemn military of any kind, and believe in salvation without discrimination and living in peace with all people, regardless of their religion. Men dress in dark robes while women are draped in head-to-toe burkas. In virtually most respects their religious prayers are similar to most Muslims, but their attitude toward those who differ may not please all Muslims.

The group, which probably numbers about 10,000 in Indonesia, store their money in a communal cash-box called “Baitulmal” from which anyone can take their fair share which depends on how hard and long the person works. This model of a pure communist style of life is certainly different from what Muslims in the world practice. They believe, as one of their leaders notes, “if everyone, either Muslim or Christian or Jewish, follows the teachings of their own holy scriptures, then there will be no fighting..”