Sam Sam The Mystery Man

Somewhere in the United States of America is a man named Sam Bacile or at least a man with another name who tells the world  that he is Sam Bacile. Sam created the ludicrous film which depicts Mohammen as a fraud, a sexual predator and other such niceties that are bound to make Muslims be happy. “Sam”claims the Muslim religion is a fraud  and a “cancer”running wild in the world. At points Sam is a Coptic Christian, at other points an Israeli and at other points an angry white Christian who hates anything connected with the Muslim religion.

Sam does not have any guilty feelings because Americans were killed in Libya and notes that security was not very effective. If Sam really wants a religion to kick around how about the Mormon religion with its wild claims and belief in polygamy? Or, how about Christianity since Christians were responsible of the Holocaust? Every religion has plenty of violence and hatred in its present and past. Just think about the Tea Party which cheers if a person lacks medical insurance and can die!