Same Old School Shooter Story

The story as to why a particular boy or girl grabs a gun and enters a school where he/she proceeds to engage in a killing spree is always the same. It NEVER occurs in an urban school. It NEVER is committed by a poor inner city black or Hispanic student. It is always in a suburban school, the school has mainly middle class boys and girls, and the shooter has a mother and father who provide love and support, and the shooter does NOT have a black skin. Of course, where are police located–in schools with black students in urban areas!!

On October 21, 2013, Jose Reyes, a seventh grader was dropped off at school by his mother and within an hour he had killed a teacher and wounded several students. The boy has been studied by psychiatrists who have uncovered hard evidence:

1. Jose was continually bullied in school.
2. He was mocked, accused of being gay and someone who would pee in his pants.
3. His days at school consisted of teasing, humiliation and a growing sense of being inadequate as a person.
4. He did have a speech impediment, and this led to comments about being a “retard” or “stupid.”

The real issue is why didn’t at least one teacher pick up on this treatment? The real issue is whether the school engages in discussions with students concerning issues of human relations. The real issue is that our schools, our teachers, and our administrators spend their time making students take idiotic tests where they simply recite what has been taught.

School is a place which should provide young people opportunities to explore their minds, to discover new ideas and forge close personal relationships with other people. That is not something one can be tested on!!