Same Sex -Not In Louisiana!

The Republican party of the United States of America is concerned about vital issues confronting our nation. OK, so there is something termed a, “recession” and there are stories about “unemployment” and stories about “national debt,” but for some strange reason, the “LIBERAL MEDIA fails to address THE issue that must be resolved–SAME SEX CEREMONIES! Republican Congressman John Fleming, from the great state of Louisiana, is very upset because a military chaplain conducted a “same sex ceremony” at Fort Polk!

The laws of the great state of Louisiana do NOT permit civil unions or same sex marriage–God has made clear HE would get upset at such fooling around. Fleming wants military bases to cease violating laws of Louisiana.

How about another crack at secession for the good folk of Louisiana? Then, you folk will no longer have to worry about GAYS AND LESBIANS! Pass a law allowing such “creatures” to be shot at high noon. End of problem!