Sanctimonious Stars

We “honor” those individuals and groups who most typify moral standards that are immoral.

1. Tea Party: They have spent the past two years in non-stop vilification of President Obama accusing him of leading the nation to socialism, being foreign born, hating America and now are shocked because they are accused of encouraging hate in this nation. Fellas, you will not win prizes for being discreet in your criticism

2. Sarah Palin: She has accused the president of “palling around with terrorists,” she has claimed he wanted to establish “death panels,” of hating America, and now insists her only thought is for peace and an end to violent talk!

3. Tom DeLay: He was convicted of misuse of funds and now claims “the government” is after him. But, prosecutors came from Texas which has a Republican governor and the case began under a Republican president!

4. Tony Blair lied to the British people about the decision for invading Iraq and knew then there were no WMD. Now, he argues getting rid of Saddam was the main goal.

5. Vlaldmir Putin says that Khodorkovsky is a thief and liar and deserves to be in jail. Vladmir, care to reveal your bank accounts?

6. North Korean government now says it wants peace and is upset because South Korea conducts military exercises. So, how come you fired artillery at an island?

7. LeBron James talks about his love for Cleveland. Was that before or after you left the town for more money?

8. George Bush now insists silence is golden. Too bad, you didn’t have that sentiment before “Mission Accomplished” and “Bring Em On!”

9. John Boehner wants to end government sponsored health care. John, you currently are enrolled in a government controlled healthcare system

10. Glenn Beck now writes about his love for peace and an end to violence in the world. This, from the man who portrayed President Obama with a Hitler moustache and linked him to Muslim terrorists while demanding to see a copy of his birth certificate.