Sanctions Or Talk Or Sanctions?

A cynic would argue that the push for sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program is eliciting from the Iranian government false cries for talk rather than action, an optimist would argue President Ahamadinejad can not be trusted and every time he insists that peace is the goal, he really means “I need more time to develop nuclear weapons so hold off.” Tehran’s nuclear envoy, Saeed Jalil urged Chinese officials that his government was sincere in their desire for peaceful discussions and urged the Chinese government to avoid joining in the Obama demand for sanctions. “Negotiations should be conducted with logic, not with pressure.” He insisted that one can not negotiate if they are also being pressured.

Granted, to pressure and negotiate, in reality, is another name for forcing an opponent to do as you desire. Unfortunately, Iran is led by a liar, a man who even uses force and brutality against his own people and can not be trusted to believe in anything other than maintenance of power and ignoring issues of decency and democracy. The only alternative, at this moment, is using sanctions, BEFORE, discussions.