Sands Of Egypt Covered With Blood

A few years from now when Islamic militants are killing dozens of people in Egypt and violence and torture and brutality have become the norm, you will shake your head and wonder why the people of
Egypt did not pursue a different path in 2014 when opportunities for peace were more possible. Egyptian soldiers clashed with supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood which increasingly has resorted to violence in its opposition to military rule. Two Egyptian soldiers were shot and killed while about six Mursi dissidents were shot and 8 wounded. An estimated 500 women dressed in black from head to toe chanted their support for former president Morsi and hundreds of Morsi male student supporter did their chanting. It is not kosher for males and females who back the Muslim Brotherhood to chant together. We are now at the stage of raids and a few killed on either side. Just give us time and we can get into the major leagues of mass murder and suicide bombers who blast themselves and a few dozen bystanders to hell–or heaven?

What can be done?

1. The military should make clear that no Army officer will run for the presidency.

2. Former President Morsi should be freed from jail and given an opportunity to run for president–he will lose.

3. A civilian government should then be formed which can establish judicial procedures to punish any who have violated the laws of Egypt.

4. Allow a defeated Morsi to hang around. He is inept and can not gain popular support for anything he says.