Future historians may well describe the first decade of the twenty-first century as “the era of madness” in which every crackpot under the sun shouted and screamed hate and violence. Glenn Beck hosted a gathering on August 28, 2010 based on the idea of “Restoring Honor.” Of course, his version of “honor” is shouting hate against President Barack Obama and claiming he was born in a gorilla camp in Kenya. Not to be outdone, Christine O’Donnell, the nut case from Delaware, claims American scientists are breeding a new form of human which combines mice and people. TV hosts, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, have decided to enter the fray and sponsor their own Washington D.C. gatherings. As Stewart followers dance and sing at a “Rally To Restore Sanity, ” the Colbert group will be doing their own best to “March To Keep Fear Alive.” I wonder if Stewart will actually be able to offer any evidence proving that Barack Obama is not the long lost grandson of Adolf Hitler. After all, can anyone prove without doubt that Obama is Not the Hitler grandson? Can anyone prove without a shadow of a doubt that Hitler did NOT escape and go to Africa where he had sex with a Muslim gorilla and the result was this creature who poses as a human under the name of Barack Obama!

I intend to attend and attend to the notion that Sanity has no place in the modern world. It is time to rally those of us who are aliens from the planet of Xul who were sent to Earth in order to record the rise and extinction of a once intelligent life species.