Sanity Prevails In Spain

Fortunately, it not only rains on the plains of Spain it apparently rains common sense to its people. Even as Belgium and France were passing laws that ban Muslim women from wearing a veil–niqab or burqa– the Spanish legislature rejected such a proposal by a 21 vote margin. The Conservative Popular Party introduced a resolution that would bar wearing of veils in public buildings on the theory in so doing the rights of Muslim women were being protected. PP member, Soraya Saenz argued: How can our soldiers be fighting in Afghanistan for the liberty of these women while the government has no courage to defend them here?” The assumption of her statement is Muslim women in Spain are being forced to wear veils. In reality only a few hundred Muslim women wear such veils which suggest 99% of women wear what they desire.

Laure Rodriguez Quiro of the Union of Muslim Women In Spain points out everyone has to identify themselves in order to enter public building so this is a non-issue. Isn’t it about time those who claim to “speak for Muslim women in Spain” actually ask them what they desire?