Sanity Rally Not Insane Enough

The United States of America has become insane when it requires a Sanity Rally led by two comedians to make more sense than our national leaders. As a Canadian put it: “I came down here because the crazier Americans get, the more Canadians get.” There were satirical comments about Republicans running for service in Congress who believe all economic problems will be solved by reducing taxes on the wealthy, there are Republicans who oppose Social Security and wish to replace it with soup kitchens opened by religious groups in order to kill two birds with one stone–end financial aid for the elderly and make churches once again more important in their lives. Singers like Cat Stevens performed, famous people came from Hollywood to mock what, frankly, is beyond mocking because how does one make fun of individuals like Christine Donnelly whose ignorance makes Sarah Palin come across as someone fit to be teaching in the Harvard philosophy department?

Next week will mark the birth of a new era in American history in which the business world has completely triumphed in fostering its ideas upon a gullible population. The end of unions, the end of workers identifying with the working class, the end of people who understood politics DID influence their lives has left this nation with apolitical youth and middle class people who are still dazed by what happened to their economic lives. They are more alike those who welcomed Adolf Hitler as a savior than those who welcomed Abraham Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt. Believe it or not, once upon a time in American citizens wanted programs, not platitudes.

Thousands had a good laugh in Washington. Colbert and Stewart got to show themselves off as possessing greater intelligence than most members of Congress or the Obama cabinet, and people left with a smile on their faces. The Q