Santa Claus Flying In From Nebraska!

US military personnel who had leave time were planning to pay their way back home to Nebraska before concerned people in their native state decided to play Santa Claus. Spc. Heather Davey had put $587 on her credit card to get back home before learning she had a free ride due to the generosity of her fellow Nebraskans. She and 40 other members of the 110 Medical Battalion training in the state of Washington were the recipients of money raised within 24 hours by the Nebraska business community. Democrat senator Ben Nelson heard about the plight of his constituents and immediately contacted nebraska business leaders to take on the task of getting the military personnel back home.

Every once and a while, this writer wonders about the attitude of American leaders toward issues faced by those called to serve the nation. President Bush is always ready to condemn and deride opponents for ignoring the needs of the military, but he rarely does anything than speak and speak about his own patriotism. Has Bush ever once lifted his hand to do something about those in serve in order to make their lives easier? He opposed the proposed Democratic Congress raises for the military on grounds it constituted an excessive expenditure. Funny, he never hesitates giving Christmas gift tax cuts to the wealthy of America.