Santa Claus Promises To Write

OK, so Santa Claus has promised to write, but there are many unanswered questions pertaining to that promise. As far as I can tell, Santa has been very generous this year with bankers, financial wizards and those who fleece people out of their homes and make money doing it. Santa, how come Wall Street bankers will take home this Christmas over $100 billion in bonus payments, but one out of eight Americans will be living on food stamps. I know you enjoy having little boy and girls sit on your lap and ask for things like toys or trains or dolls, but how come you allow hedge fund guys to take home the bank? Back to the writing. Exactly who will you be writing to this year– certainly not to little boys and girls whose dad and mom lack jobs as far as health insurance goes, they will not get a break with or without passage of a national health insurance plan. Santa, will you this year be delivering health care monthly payments?

In the old days, Santa, you were a nice guy to have around. But, these days, watching you on street corners trying to persuade people to give a few shekels one wonders where the money goes that is collected.

Say, Santa, if I came to the North Pole, would you have open any of the elf jobs?