Santa Claus Wars

Being of Jewish origin, the importance of Santa Claus was never very great. I never received any presents on Christmas although our Irish elementary school teachers did ensure that we knew all Xmas carols. Little boy Jesus was certainly in my mind during the winter season of good cheer and faith. Thanks to Fox News, I now understand that some form of war is going on in an attempt by those “Liberals” to end the era of Santa and that guy whose name is Jesus. I never understood that the way to honor Jesus was to reduce taxes on wealthy folk, to purchase expensive toys and to sit on the lap of the rather hefty man with a white beard. After all, the lord Jesus came to Earth, or should I say he came to the Jews in some desert area because his goal was to play in the snow and rush off to department stores in Jerusalem.

Anyway, Fox News, as usual, understands this war on Santa began in Kenya, birthplace of Barack Obama. Since Obama came from an African nation, he never enjoyed winter activities such as throwing snow balls. I support the fight being waged by Fox News for Xmas. Let me suggest:

1. Special lines in department stores for those who earn over $100,000.
2. Poor people should have an area where they can donate toys to wealthy kids in order to honor those for whom Jesus came to Earth.
3. A special lane on highways for Santa.