Santa Scott Wants Your Coins

There are times in my life when I feel so proud not to be a member of the Republican Party of the United States of America. Or, should I say, that I do not feel proud NOt to be a member of the Republican party of the United States of America. Governnor Scott Walker of the great state of Wisconsin has an amazing warm and Christian message for Americans. He is uring those seeking to provide joy and comfort to the American people not to purchase toys and electronics this Christmas but to use that money for a worthwhile charity that would bring joy and comfort to Matt and Alex, two young boys who suffer from the malady of beng children of Scott. These two kids will have to endure an Xmas without gobs of money under their Christmas tree.

Scott is uring Americans not to waste their money on toys or electronic gadgets for their children and to send that money to his campaign headquarters. In so doing, you will avoid spending money on toys that will break or gadgets that soon will get out of date. Instead, you can help Matt and Alex have a wonderful Xmas filled with joy of dollar bills for dad.

Look, if you purchase a good meal for that starving child, it will only give the kid a taste of good food which he never will get again this year. Save that child experiencing the disappointment of having a good meal and developing bad thinking habits. Remember, Alex and Matt!