Santa Trumps Trump

Rush Limbaugh is upset since it is now clear that Santa will not be delivering his usual number of packages to poor wealthy people. As Rush notes it is impossible to beat a candidate who bears gifts to lazy people since in the end no one can out Santa than Santa. Donald Trump has concluded the US is a “sham nation”and there is no democracy in this country.

Donald and Rush have a point. As intelligent people know, Santa Claus had one main job in life-delivering packages of money to those with money. Then along came this idea that votes of poorer people should count more than votes of those with money!! What an idea! The antithesis of democracy! We have to return to the values of our Founding Fathers and give a million votes to anyone who puts up a million dollars. Let us restore true democracy to this nation.

Please remember that God has a special section set aside for those with money. As Rush and Donald know, God made heaven in His image and that means Poor Need Not Apply at HIS hotel!!