Sarah Drops Out -But Into What?

Governor Sarah Palin, the woman who can see Russia across the Bering Straits, announced that she was resigning as governor of Alaska to pursue other interests. It is still unclear if she is serious about transforming the 2012 presidential election into a contest as to which candidate can out-run the other in a marathon race. There are reports the Alaska prima donna will retreat to a mountain top in her home state and prepare running up and down the mountain to prepare herself for the arduous task of being president of the United States. Of course, other reports suggest Ms. Palin will become a librarian and devote the coming years to reading books concerning important issues related to world affairs such as how to whiten one’s teeth or the proper clothes to wear at a presidential reception.

The Governor also made clear to members of the media that is was time for them to leave her children alone. After all, it was the media which forced Palin to bring her children to the Republican convention and it was the media that forced her daughter’s ex father of the child to give up a hunting trip in order to pretend he was madly in love with a Palin girl.

The sad aspect of this story is the reality that Sarah Palin is actually a serious candidate to become president of the United States. Republicans are impressed that she does know the mantra to be used in dealing with any problem– cut taxes, reduce the size of the government, and keep those damn illegal immigrants out of our fair nation. And, definitely invade a nation that poses no threat to America.