Sarah P Hails Ronald Reagan!

Sarah P(we have heard Sarah P is making her name a trademark) hailed the administration of Ronald Reagan as one which should be a model for contemporary political leaders. She noted his opposition to large government and his desire to present budgets which led to reduction of the national debt unlike the current Obama administration which is raising our debt. “this is dangerous. This is insane. This is not the road to national greatness, it is the road to ruin.” She argued that Reagan opposed high taxes on Americans, and emphasized that”centralized government that overtaxes and over reached” violates the Constitution. According to Sarah P, “it is either socialism or free markets and freedom.”

Sarah P, how about looking at the record:

When your beloved Ronald Reagan who opposed taxes was in office, he SUPPORTED raising taxes.

When your beloved Ronald Reagan became president, the national debt was around $2 Trillion, when he left it was about $4 Trillion.

Under your beloved Ronald Reagan the size of the Federal government INCREASED!

As his son, Ronald, put it: “Sarah Palin is soap opera.”