Sarah Pains Republicans

Sarah Palin wanders the nation receiving gobs of cheers from her fans and some even faint with enthusiasm when catching a glimpse of the woman who sells books and decries the current administration. But, when asked the key question as to anyone who has any sense of sanity would vote for Palin as president of the United States of America, glimmer of intelligence shines from Republican voters. The latest poll reveals that 51% of Republican voters would not desire her presence in the White House as compared to a poll taken shortly after the 2008 election when 67% had favorable views of the woman who has made the word, “ignorance” part of her persona. On the other hand, 5675 had a favorable view of former governor Mike Huckabee and 59% liked Mitt Romney. Heck, even 54% preferred Newt Gingrich to the loud mouth from Alaska. Here is a sample of how Republicans cast their vote:
Alaska: 58% against her and 33% for her.
Florida, 57% against and 36% for her.
Massachusetts– 68% against her and 27% for her.

We assume the reader gets the message. Sarah might sell books but she sure can’t sell the American people on the idea of her presence in the White House.