Sarah Palin Against Guns!!

I am confused. Just when I thought Sarah Palin was one of the NRA gals, she turns around and makes insulting remarks about men who own guns. She claims some guy in Pennsylvania threatened her family with guns. ‘One guy from Pennsylvania sent us… copies of a gun he’d bought, copies of a receipt for a gun he bought, copies of a one-way ticket to Anchorage.” She got a restraining order against the man and “lo and behold last week he showed up in Anchorage.” This advocate of the right to own guns, this advocate of the right to bring guns into schools, churches, business establishment, obtained a restraining order against a man who owned guns and boasted about them!! I am confused. Sarah, I thought you liked people who owned guns. Now, it turns out, you want the hated FBI to arrest a man just because he was showing off his gun!!

Perhaps, we have finally learned the truth about Sarah Palin. She is nothing but an anti-gun, anti-NRA hating LIBERAL!!