Sarah Palin And Politics Of Ignorance

Among the mysteries of my life is how people regard Sarah Palin as an individual who has ideas regarding the future or present status of America. I frequently hear comments such as, “she is jut like me. Why, we could have coffee together and get along.” Interesting. So, we can assume a Kentucky farm wife would have done a better job as Secretary of the Treasury than sarcastic, elitist Alexander Hamilton? I have a hunch we are currently in the present economic mess because men and women with ordinary minds such as George Bush lacked knowledge concerning the Middle East and invaded where no one should have invaded. If an intelligent idea, by accident, entered the mind of Sarah, it would die of loneliness.

In 1952, Dwight Eisenhower, former general commanding British and American forces in Europe during WWII, became president. He rejected advice for further bombing and negotiated a truce with North Korea and China. In 1954 he rejected advice to support French troops in Vietnam and would not allow bombing or the dispatch of US forces. In 1956, he ordered Israel, Britain and France to end their attack on Egypt. Dwight Eisenhower was NOT the type of person who would have lunch with you. He understood war, understood the complexity of fighting, and wanted peace. He is the polar opposite of a Sarah Palin.

Oh, and he wanted to reduce the number of atomic weapons in hope of achieving a world without such WMD.