Sarah Palin And Politics Of Ignorance

It is always fascinating when anyone connected to the Tea Party group makes a speech which refers to American history how invariably they commit one historical error after another. Sarah Palin told enthusiastic Tea Party ranters they represent the “future of politics in America” and longed for the day when to win a war, we have “a commander-in-chief not a professor of law standing at the lectern.” An interesting metaphor, but hardly consistent with the history of the United States which consistently has had civilians in the role of commander-in-chief during war.

Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe who had never actually participated in the Revolution led the nation during the war against Barbary pirates and the War of 1812. Polk, who had not military experience was in charge during the war with Mexico. I assume the ignorant woman from Alaska has heard of Abraham Lincoln who did listen to military advice, but after reading books on military history, consistently expressed his military ideas to generals. As our story proceeds, there is McKinley who did have some military experience in leading the nation during the Spanish American war and Wilson who had none in WWI. Of course, Franklin Roosevelt had spent his life as one of those “politicians” and was a Harvard graduate and lawyer.

We could go on and on. The history of America is having civilians in charge of the military. Ms. Palin simply does not grasp a foundation of this nation is civilians in charge of the military, not the other way around.