Sarah Palin And The Forces Of Cultural Division

Millions of Americans watched anxiously as the previously unknown Governor Sarah Palin delivered her acceptance speech for the vice presidential nomination. After glowingly introducing her lovely family, the Alaska politician got down to the real issues confronting American society. Unlike, most political analysts and societal leaders, Governor Palin identified the issues that most concern the American people– the elitist media and the elitist politicians who are in Washington D.C. Of course, many might argue that health care or rebuilding our infrastructure rate some comment, but people with such views are merely naysayers and spokesmen for gloom. If Sarah Palin and John McCain can be elected they will drive from Washington D.C. all those elitist members of the media who are responsible for unemployment, astronomical deficits, and a disjointed foreign policy.

Sarah Palin boasts of her wonderful record as a mayor and a governor. She noted her opposition to the famous bridge to nowhere, but decided to leave out the fact she originally supported the bridge to nowhere. Her energy program is very innovative unlike those proposed by Obama and Biden. Governor Palin wants to drill, drill, drill because finding more oil is the best way to get Americans off their dependence on oil.

Many Obama supporters display their lack of patriotism by failing to recognize the enemy facing America is not some group of terrorists, but the liberals living in New York and Chicago and the notorious San Francisco. Sarah Palin knows once John McCain becomes president he will close down the flesh pots of New York and San Francisco and move inhabitants to Alaska where those effete people can finally get into the outdoors and shoot some bears or moose. Governor Palin knows the real issues of this campaign, and no amount of Obama propaganda will prevent the American people who lack health care of jobs or are unable to pay for drugs from understanding that when all is said and done, a vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for continuing to lack these essentials.

And, let me make this clear, anyone who dares attacking John McCain will be sent a video containing his famous speech which begins with the powerful lines, “when I was a prisoner in Vietnam and being tortured……” Just remember, neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden have the experience of being tortured. Of course, there is that minor matter that John McCain voted against ending torture of prisoners in the American military.

  • Networking4biz

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I was captivated but Palin’s speech. A conservative woman who doesn’t think aborting a 5 month old alive and growing fetus running for VP is very refreshing in my opinion. This country thinks we are in trouble now with a Republican President, just wait until they see what it turns into if Obama is elected. This country will fall for good if it begins operating on liberal values.


  • Fred Stopsky

    I so enjoy receiving comments from people who are against abortion because they don’t want to see a “child” die. For some reason, they are against free health care for the child or free early childhood education, or their folks earning a decent wage. In reality, people like you don’t give a damn about the living child.