Sarah Palin And The Politics Of Ignorance

Governor Palin has been spending the past week studying under the tutelage of McCain foreign policy experts since they hope to avoid comments such as one knows about Russia because it is just across the water. Sarah Palin was supposed to have given a speech before a pro-Israel rally but the appearance was canceled. The speech was released to the public and it reveals Ms. Palin other than now knowing the name of Iran’s president, really doesn’t know too much about Iran. She accused President Ahmadinejad of seeking to be an agent of a “Final Solution” which would result in killing all Jews. The governor apparently does not know the vice president of Iran gave a speech in which he separated hatred of Israel from hatred of Jews, a view that was supported by Ahmadinejad even though it went against recent comments of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Governor Palin continues mouthing the old Bush cliche that Iran wants to see Iraq collapse and return to chaos. Prime Minister Maliki of Iraq had made clear his nation’s friendship with Iran and has visited that country several times. Iran has been providing financial support to the Iraq government. Ms. Palin does not yet grasp, anymore than Bush, Iran welcomed the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, who was their enemy. The American defeat of Saddam Hussein was greeted with joy in Tehran.

Governor Palin accused Iran of conducting a policy of “genocide.” Perhaps, she can explain that rather bizarre charge.