Sarah Palin Available For Sex Talks?

When Republicans are not blasting away at President Obama for destroying basic American values they apparently are blasting away in Hollywood sex clubs. The party of the “right” is rapidly becoming famous for being the party of sex and Hollywood and all those terrible liberal things that Democrats have brought to America. The Republican National Committee admitted that a group of Young Republicans used their money to attend a bit of sex at a Hollywood sex club. We assume they were attempting to get girls of the night to see the right way by joining the great crusade to get rid of President Obama.

It now appears the Republican National Committee sent out a fund raising letter which listed the phone number of a “live one-on-one talk with a nasty girl.” Reports circulating from Washington indicate Sarah Palin has volunteered her services to handle all “live one-on-one talks with those seeking to converse with a nasty girl.” We believe Sarah is much better qualified for this role than for the role of a vice president.