Sarah Palin, Buck Naked On TV!

I realize there are Christians in the United States who eagerly await the return of Jesus Christ, but many more are now happy that Sarah Palin’s TV show has appeared in their lives. The new “Sarah Palin In Alaska” show allows the entire world to learn about this extraordinary woman who is able to kayak in rivers or show her children how to handle wild bears or gather together for a good old fashion prayer meeting in which one and all can offer thanks to Jesus for bestowing on the world Sarah Palin. I realize there are “Socialist Liberals” who will mock this maiden of honesty and domesticity. They will point to the expensive clothes she wears or to the millions in her bank account. But, how many millionaires can make out with wild bears? How many Wall Street types can skin a deer? How many Washington politicians can look out their windows and see Russia in the distance? Huh? The TV show will allow all Americans to learn how to live in Alaska and be a woman who is closer to bears and deer and the other animals than ANY politician in Washington D.C. We have learned through our contacts with Alaska bears that they will support her candidacy for president. Their slogan is: “Bear With Patience The Ignorance Of Sarah,” but she can skin a deer!

I am so glad Sarah will show us how to gather the children together for prayer, that is, when they are not out having a child out of wedlock. I wonder if she invites the father of her grandson to these prayer sessions? As I recall, Jesus spoke about forgiving those we hate. Anyone for a moose burger?