Sarah Palin Defends Down Syndrome Children

Former Governor Sarah Palin is on the attack because of a joke in the TV cartoon show which involved a child with Down Syndrome. She claims the joke went too far, particularly by linking her family to the cartoon character on the show. In the episode the character Chris falls for a girl with Down syndrome and when he asks about her family, she replies: “my dad’s an accountant and my mom is the former governor of Alaska.” Ms. Palin’s youngest child has Down syndrome. After reading the remarks made on the show this writer is confused about what exactly is being stated that is negative regarding Down syndrome. In fact, the character is displays respect by falling in love with a girl having Down syndrome.

The real issue is how angry Sarah Palin becomes when issues of children with disabilities is raised. Strangely, she has no anger when millions of children are living in poverty, she has no anger when millions of children lack medical care or access to decent school. Is there something weird about Palin’s anger regarding abuse of children?