Sarah Palin Not For Obamneycare

Sarah Palin, noted intellectual from the state of Alaska, is not very certain as to the conservative credentials  of the man from Utah. As for Mitt  Romney being a CONSERVATIVE–her reaction is: “I’m not convinced.”  After examining the past record of the Mitt man, Ms. Palin could only say, “I trust his idea of conservatism is evolving and I base this on a pretty moderate past he has had even in some cases, a liberal past.” Ms. Palin had the following to say concerning other Republicans:

Abraham Lincoln:  I am concerned that he used the federal government to take away state rights and he even pushed for an income tax. On  reflection, I think he was a closet Socialist.

Theodore Roosevelt:  I simply don’t know why he was in the  Republican party. This man wanted to control business people! And, he wanted to break up monopolies!  Sounds like a commie to me.

Dwight  Eisenhower:  I know he did something in World War II, I think he destroyed the government of Adolf Hitler who believed in free enterprise. Sounds strange to me  having this Eisenhower guy in our party.

Ronald Reagan:  He doubled the national debt and if you look in his background he was for that communist, Franklin Roosevelt!