Sarah Palin Not For Obamneycare

Sarah Palin, noted intellectual from the state of Alaska, is not very certain as to the conservative credentials ¬†of the man from Utah. As for Mitt ¬†Romney being a CONSERVATIVE–her reaction is: “I’m not convinced.” ¬†After examining the past record of the Mitt man, Ms. Palin could only say, “I trust his idea of conservatism is evolving and I base this on a pretty moderate past he has had even in some cases, a liberal past.” Ms. Palin had the following to say concerning other Republicans:

Abraham Lincoln:  I am concerned that he used the federal government to take away state rights and he even pushed for an income tax. On  reflection, I think he was a closet Socialist.

Theodore Roosevelt: ¬†I simply don’t know why he was in the ¬†Republican party. This man wanted to control business people! And, he wanted to break up monopolies! ¬†Sounds like a commie to me.

Dwight  Eisenhower:  I know he did something in World War II, I think he destroyed the government of Adolf Hitler who believed in free enterprise. Sounds strange to me  having this Eisenhower guy in our party.

Ronald Reagan:  He doubled the national debt and if you look in his background he was for that communist, Franklin Roosevelt!