Sarah Palin Offers New Vision For America!

I realize there are liberals who mock the ideas of great Americans like Sarah Palin, but what else can one expect from fuzzy eyed Marxists who seek to destroy our wonderful Christian nation–oops, we also have some of the Jewish persuasion. Former Governor Palin(just remember, Barack Obama was NEVER a governor) offered her vision to the American people:

“We don’t need a fundamental transformation of America. We need a restoration of all that is strong and free. The 2012 election will be a great debate between these two conflicting visions for our country.” I mean, talk about a specific plan for dealing with our nation’s problems! Wow! Sarah Palin offered solutions to all problems. For example:

Debt Ceiling: Solved. Just have everyone come together in believing we need a strong and free America!

Medicare and Social Security: Sarah is for them. Problem solved.

Job Creation: She is for jobs. Just the expression of her desire for more jobs will result in millions of new jobs in the coming years.

Barack Obama is for everything the opposite of Sarah Palin. I trust everyone reading this now understands why Sarah Palin is the only political leader who has a vision.