Sarah Palin On Slavery

The evolution of Sarah Palin from a nut case to a bore case is among the remarkable features of recent life. It is a given that if she states an entire sentence the end result will result to the reader wondering what exactly she was expressing and why was she saying those words. Sarah recently informed the American people they were nothing more than slaves and no better off than those black folk working in the fields of the pre-Civil War American South. According to Sarah, “Barack Obama wants to go back to those days when we were in different classes in income, based one color or skin.” Sarah, 72% of students at Harvard come from families what earn over $250,000. I do not believe that is the median income of the American people. We currently ARE in different classes due to income.

I have a funny weird feeling that a slave in pre-Civil War America would pine for the Affordable Care Act with heart and soul. Providing health care to Sarah Palin is a manifestation of hate and cruelty. As I recall, she once confessed that she and her mother slipped over the border to use Canadian health care. I guess that was like a runaway slave seeking freedom up North.