Sarah Palin Rewrites Paul Revere Ride

OK, so maybe Sarah was a mite off about being able to see Russia across the Bering Straits from her kitchen window, but when it comes to American history, there is no fairer bard than the bard from Alaska. I do have a few degrees in American history, and I have written a history of America, but I readily admit my knowledge pales in comparison with the Palin view of Paul Revere”s ride. I was taught by a bunch of LIBERAL college professors in the Columbia University History Department about some alleged ride by Paul Revere that turns out to be completely WRONG! Thank God America has the most authoritative voice about American history–Sarah Palin. After diligent research, she is now able to reveal the real purpose and goal of Paul Revere. According to Dr. Palin, “part of the ride was to warn the British that were already there, hey, ‘you’re not going to take American arms,you’re not going to beat our own well armed person, individual private militia that we have.”

Sarah, I am confused. Why would Paul seek to “warn the British” who were on a mission to capture American rebels? I also am confused about the expression, “private militia,” since most militia groups were formed in towns or they could be summoned by the governor. OOps, I forgot, Now, I get it. Private enterprise led by American capitalists organized the militia.

I would strongly advise Ms. Palin NEVER read what George Washington thought about the militia. He hated those groups, thought they were incompetent and worked hard to create a national army.