Sarah Palin-Sexism And Her Supposed “Sharp Mind”

I recently was taken to task by a woman who said my reference to Sarah Palin and skirts on a missile displayed male sexism. She also indicated, although a supporter of Obama, she respected the “sharp mind” of Governor Palin. The writer indicated great hostility towards George Bush but is thrilled at the “sharp mind” of Palin whose ideas are the exact same as Bush. There are women in America who are so thrilled at the idea of a woman running for a high office, that sex gender becomes more important than political, social, or economic views.

Part of the problem is the overwhelming majority of women who write on the Internet come from middle class backgrounds and lack any sense or knowledge of the lives of working class women or their interests. About one out of four Americans lives pay check to pay check, most of whom are women. Exactly how do these women benefit from the “sharp mind” of Sarah Palin? Let’s look at the record:

Sarah Palin opposes abortion. If abortion was no longer legal, middle and upper class women would find ways to get one. Not a poor woman.
Sarah Palin opposes health care. Certainly, this is an important issue for all women.
Sarah Palin opposes sex education for young girls and boys.
Sarah Palin opposes raising minimum wages.
Sarah Palin supports drilling for more oil as a solution to energy issues.
Sarah Palin opposes gay rights
Sarah Palin opposes legislation to ensure gender equity in the work place.
Sarah Palin supports huge tax cuts for the wealthy which results in the national debt rising.
Sarah Palin supports less government control over the housing market. How many people have suffered because of the lack of supervision?
Sarah Palin opposes legislation to make it easier for workers to organize labor unions.

Are these examples of her “sharp mind?”

Sarah Palin would risk war with Russia over Georgia! This is risking war with a nation that has the second largest nuclear stockpile in the world!
Sarah Palin talks about getting tough with Iran.
Sarah Palin did not know what the “Bush Doctrine” was when asked in an interview.

To be blunt, Governor Palin lacks knowledge of the complexity of the modern world and mainly goes along with Bush rhetoric. During the 2004 election, right wing women like Sarah Palin went along with attacks on John Kerry for his lack of masculinity in Vietnam and claimed he really did not fight but shirked battle. They belittled an American hero who risked his life while cowards like Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld made certain they would never get near any situation in which someone was firing at them. Women like Palin thought it OK to ridicule a man, but now Palin and her supporters become infuriated at the very notion anyone would dare make a comment that indicates she is a woman.

She is among the most dangerous candidates for public office in our history. If she ever took over the presidency, this nation would face the prospect of “sharp minded” Sarah Palin plunging the country into a nuclear war because she will not blink.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but Governor Palin still has an eight guinea pig power brain.

  • Janice

    My head hurts…how did this happen?
    I was talking to a guy in a laundry mat in Reno, NV today and he boasted about how Palin said you dont blink when it comes to war, so she didnt blink when she was called up by McTierd. I told him I dont know about blinking but you should certainly be thinking!! What is she thinking? She already has the most important job in the world, “motherhood”, our nations problem is that we have babies then dont raise them. Look at her family, is she ready to lead the country? He said he would rather roll the dice with Palin than go with the dem ticket. I asked why? He said well, Obama is from Chigago and those people are corrupt, the dem must have a hidden agenda. I asked him, so all people from Chicago are affiliated with the mob? He said yeah, well… and went back to his paper, I am a grandmother and never heard such ignorance. God help us and while he is working on that, he is waiting for us to get out head out of our a–.

  • Fred Stopsky

    We live in strange times.