Sarah Palin Speaks Candidly

Sarah Palin is upset at the media because it failed to accord respect for her ideas which is simply one more example of the Liberal Media making fun of ideas that would restore America to the nation it once was under Republican rule of George Bush. This tireless defender of the rights of bears and moose is shown absolutely no respect when she addresses issues of the world. Sarah just spent two weeks wandering around America and, as she put it, “I got to speak candidly with them(THE PEOPLE) about policy, politics, history and everything in between.” So, what happens? She recounts the true, accurate story about the ride of Paul Revere and those damn LIBERAL media folk, jeer and discount her views on history.

In fairness to Sarah Palin we offer her views on policy, politics, history and everything in between:

POLICY: Sarah Palin has a policy. In fact, she has THREE life insurance policies!

POLITICS: Sarah Palin enjoys politics. Especially, the part about saying absolutely nothing, but saying it with fervor and with an American flag draped around her body.

HISTORY: Sarah Palin believes there is history. She not only knows the story about Paul Revere, she also knows the story about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. In fact, she went to Mt. Vernon and saw the cherry tree stump!

EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN: Let’s see, Sarah does not engage in Weinnie roasts, Sarah knows there is a woman named Margaret Thatcher even though former PM Margaret Thatcher thinks Sarah is “nuts.” Sarah can state with certainty that she does not have a bulge in the lower part of her body. Sarah believes in health care, so there!

If Sarah Palin did not exist, we would have to invent her in order to have something to be satirical about.