Sarah Palin Victim Of Liberal Conspiracy!

It is quite clear the recent shooting of a congressmen and murder men, women and children was simply another effort by the effete liberal media and its fellow terrorist travelers to smear the name of Sarah Palin. Everyone who knows Sarah realizes she stands for peace, not violence. Glenn Beck read some emails he had sent to Sarah. “Sarah, as you know peace is always the answer. I know you are feeling the same heat, if not much more.” He urged her to hire security guards in order to protect this fine Christian woman from a deranged liberal nut case. Sarah responded: “I hate violence, I hate war. Our children will not have peace if(politicos) just capitalize on this to succeed in portraying anyone as inciting terror and violence.” Even as she wrote Beck, the man of peace and fairness, her aides were removing negative remarks from her website, but, did allow one to remain which blasted the nine year old girl who died. Let’s face it, Congressman Giffords would be alive today, as would Christine Green, if each had in their possession a weapon. It was liberal opposition to guns that killed these people, not the gunman!

Reading Sarah Palin is an experience in attempting to decipher incoherence. I challenge anyone to make sense of what she wrote to Beck. She hates violence, but glories in portraying herself as a hunter. She deplores inciting terrorism, but portrays the president of the United States as hating the country and not even born in this nation.

Yes, Sarah, you do oppose violence and you do know the only way to prevent violence is to arm every child from age 5 in order that they will be prepared to kill anyone trying to kill them.