Sarah Palin Winks John McCain Into Oblivion

The current campaign being conducted by Sarah Palin and John McCain must rank among the most inept in American political history. McCain thought the woman from Alaska would stimulate right wing conservatives, and somehow result in his victory. Her wink has become famous, but what exactly is she winking about? There is increasing evidence Governor Palin has one thought in mind, her desire to become elected president of the United States as soon as possible which means the defeat of John McCain in 2008 is high on her agenda. Palin is most probably the most ignorant person in the past 100 years to run for public office, but, she is a shrewd, vicious individual who brooks no denial in her quest for power. She will stab anyone in the back, she will deride, betray and lie because she believes God has made her the agent of his power on planet Earth.

John McCain thought he brought on his ticket a sweet young woman who would adore him and accept his advice. She believes McCain is an old man who she can use in order to get power. Recent polls indicate she is not trusted by 60% of women under 50 and her unfavorable rating among rural voters now is higher than favorable ratings. Palin doesn’t care, her goal is simple–win the nomination in 2012 and use every dirty trick in the book to win. She will make Richard Nixon come across as a decent man. As far as Palin is concerned, John McCain is already on the dust bin of history.

Sarah Palin has supreme confidence in her own ability and the 2012 campaign is already being planned in her crafty mind. Her life has one moral to this former cheerleader– win, win at any cost using any strategy. Win baby win.

  • Jack Skirvin

    You are unkind and stupid.

  • Fred Stopsky

    CNN reported that McCain advisors said Palin was a “rogue candidate” who didn’t care about McCain and was only interested in taking over the Republican party.

  • radtrace

    You are by far the most inept, delusional mis-informed individual I have had the misfortune to have read. Even the drive-by media has a firmer grip on reality. Yeeeesh!

  • George Robertson

    McCain should be watching his back not Obama.

    This entire entry is only an opinion and while none, some or all of it could be factual it is presented as an opinion and not claiming to be fact.

    Obama is going to be the only thing close to a friend McCain has left in the coming months.

    It is my opinion that the following scenario is not only possible but likely and is probably taking place right now using the media and the public as tools or should I say fools.

    Sarah’s book is going to fry McCain like bug under a magnifying glass on a hot day.

    She will blame her handlers for manipulating, controlling, bribing and even threatening her and her family to do what she has done, which she will claim was under extreme protest.

    She will turn him into pig fodder so she can be all the things he said she was.

    She is not going down with the ship and further, she will start or has started doing things now that will seemingly prove what she is going to write about.

    He said, she was the new light, the change the Republicans have been waiting for, the breath of fresh air.

    With that, he gave her the power to destroy him and she will do exactly that in her book.

    If she will sell her soul to support him, then she will sell her soul to destroy him if the money and power is there and it will be.

    The Republicans do not need McCain any longer, they only needed him because he had some value to them.

    Now, he has unknowingly passed the torch, empowered her be the next leader in the party.

    In fact he has already endorsed her for president.

    Do not think that Sarah hasn’t spoken to her family about that likely possibility of her being president in either scenario McCain winning or losing the election.

    The Republicans will abandon McCain like used toilet paper and they will let her do what she does best.

    He was correct, she is bright, intelligent and charismatic but she has little to no ethics.

    He may have picked her for that exact reason. He taught her well, and she learns the game very fast.

    She will use his own weapons of deception against him, with the blessing of the Republican party.

    She knows exactly what do to Lie, Cheat and Steal causing fear, uncertainty and doubt to get to the next rung on her way to the top.

    She also knows how to get rich doing it and that is certainly all the motivation she needs.

    You cannot hire a mercenary like Sarah that has loyalty, because they only work for money.

    However having said that, McCain is not so stupid that he doesn’t see this coming.

    What her arrogance hasn’t prepared her for is that he has a plan also.

    No real politician doesn’t have a back up plan and McCain knows this game better than most.

    The plan will have to show her going renegade, out on her own, saying things that get near or crosses the line of credibility. So much so that she and her actions will not be forgotten by the public and will be recorded as proof by the media.

    Further, that information has to get leaked to the press from inside the McCain camp to retain the authenticity of the allegations.

    That will give him reasonable deniability and provide necessary distraction from her book.

    It will be interesting to watch this double betrayal as it unfolds.

    What will also be entertaining is to see the Republican party sway back and forth as the public opinion moves from one person to the other.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I recommend the excellent article about Sarah Palin which appeared in the October 12th issue of the New Republic. Noam Scheiber spent time in Wasila and spoke with its inhabitants. The majority support my view of Sarah Palin as a vicious, manipulative person whose only thought is gaining power for herself. She betrayed everyone who helped her and there is a deep resentment in this woman against those who have gone to “good colleges.” She took credit for the work of others and has consistently lied.