Sarah Palin’s Daughter Speaks Her Mind

During the past presidential election, Governor Sarah Palin used her daughter as a prop in the campaign trotting the young woman and her boy friend around to prove a point that to this day remains rather obscure. Ms.Palin thought nothing to exposing her pregnant daughter to the scrutiny of the world in an endeavor to prove that she opposed abortion. Bristol Palin was rather silent during the entire process of campaigning, but now has decided to speak her mind. Bristol, who is an unwed mother, spoke out against teenage pregnancy and disagreed with her mother’s view that abstinence was a solution to dealing with teenage sex. “I hope people learn from my story. It’s so much easier if you’re married, have a house and career. It’s not a situation you want to strive for.”

Bristol Palin is still engaged to the young man who claims he wants to marry her. But, he apparently wants to go on to college and in the coming years, his present desire may become less intense. The tragedy of this episode is not that two youngsters had sex and one became pregnant. The real tragedy is how people on both sides of the abortion issue attempted to use these young people as part of an agenda that had nothing to do with what Bristol and her boy friend wanted in life.

Sarah Palin is a politician through and through even if it means involving her daughter in the sordid world of politics.