Sarah Piles It On At NRA

There is no question that Sarah Palin is a unique individual. Her knowledge of the world is vaster than that of the president of  the NRA or anyone on Fox News. In fact, that is the reason she has been thrown off that media outlet which leads the world in getting the latest news. After all, on election night, she knew that Mitt Romney would win. Sarah appeared before  the friends of terrorism, better known as the National Rifle Association, where she blasted the black dude from Kenya. Sarah is upset that President Obama appears with mothers and fathers who lost children at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Just another pandering job from you know who.

“The same media is now the reliable poodle skirted cheerleader for the president that writes the book on exploitative tragedy.” How about equal time for the Boston Marathon killers? No one is taking their side. No one is explaining why they had to kill people! Now, if the media would only show pictures of Sarah killing a bear! It is time to stand up for America and defend those who help our economy by shooting off hundreds of bullets and give jobs to decent Christian folk!