Sarah: Please Don’t Shut Up!

Sarah Palin came out swinging at the “liberal media” which she claims is out to silence her words of wisdom. She made clear that no one would shut her up and America was entitled to hear her voice of reason and hope. Sarah continues to insist attacks on her are simply another version of the “blood libel” and she does not understand why Jews are upset at her choice of words. Latest polls indicate only 30% of Americans support her reaction to the Arizona shootings and 46% definitely disagree with the loud demanding tone of her response. Frankly, we support Sarah in her war against the “liberal media” which is the source of our economic disaster, the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. It was the “liberal media” which forced George Bush to go ahead with an invasion that he really did not believe was the right move.

Sarah Palin lacks an inner voice that might control her extreme words of anger. As a Jew, her use of “blood libel” is insulting to the memory of thousands of Jews who were killed because of this type of thinking. Sarah Palin will not be killed by anyone other than her desire to kill her political career through use of hysterical comments, She makes millions, she will continue living in luxury. My grandfather was beaten up during the 1905 pogrom in Russia that was sparked by the blood libel against Jews. My father was up against the wall to be shot because he was Jewish and his life was saved by a Christian in the firing squad who knew him. Sarah, how brave you are in comparison with my father and grandfather. They had to shut up in order to save their lives, you should proceed to talk crazy and insulting since, in the end, it will kill your chances for political success.