Sarah, Sarah, She Pales By Comparison To Obama!

There are times when one is led to believe Sarah Palin suffers from foot and mouth disease, particularly after she attempts to explain any complicated story. Even as the president of the United States was giving an emotional and non-partisan talk to the American people, the best she could produce was an insulting series of comments dealing with the “blood libel” which is an emotional issue for Jews. Sarah simply lacks social grace, she lacks an ability to reach out to those who oppose her views, because in the Palin world, you are either on my side or I will get you targeted for extinction. This is a woman desperately attempting to prove she is a macho man. There is inability to ever reflect on what has transpired, there is inability to accept the proposition that words could have been selected other than the ones she employed.

Sarah, Sarah, the good fairies are not always available to come to your rescue. Glenn and Weekly Standard and all those men and women who went to some smart ass “good college” will soon decide you just ain’t worth the trouble. It is one thing to be ignorant, it is another to be just plain damn stupid! Sarah, if an Academy Award were given to the individual who butchers the English language, you would win year after year.