Sarah, We Knew Ye Well

There are unconfirmed reports of meetings in the forests of Alaska by varied animals such as bear and deers. Animals are concerne at the news that Sarah Palin is being fired by Fox News. Sarah insists that she seeks a wider audience, which we assume to mean there is a desire to more meaningfully engage with animals in the forest. As she put it: “we can’t just preach to the choir; the message must be understood bya larger audience.” I have a hunch Roger Ailes of Fox News has a different interpretation, he wants someone who can reach a wider audience of those who do not  ordinarily visit Fox News.

There is a major effort by some Republicans to make contact with this “wider audience” but one can assume this group is not in love with millionaires and right wing nuts.

The real bad news is for deer and bears, there is a nut case seeking you and she has a loaded rifle -as well as an assault weapon!